Hi Francois
In reply to your questions see below:

Q:Are you currently a full time trader?
Yes, I trade full time.

Q:What do you trade?
A few currencies and then the ALSI, DAX, FTSE and the DOW.

Q:Is it possible to trade for a living? Are you successful?
It is possible to do it full time but it requires a lot of discipline and hard work. I live completely from profits from the market. If there is any advice that I can give it would be to attend a course such as DJV offers and work closely with them while you learn. Without such a course I do not believe it is possible to do it full time. Also, remember there is a huge difference between trading on a dummy and using your own money!! It is a different and very important mind set that you will have to adopt and get used to. I worked very closely with DJV they were instrumental in me making my decision to do it full time. Without their help and course I would not have made it.

Q:How long did you trade on your demo account before you start trading on your live account?
I tested my systems, and once they were finalized I moved on to live trading.

Q:How much start-up capital is appropriate for a beginner trader?
This all depends on how much you need. It is VERY possible to do 100% a month on your capital amount. If you want to do it part time then start with R10 000 but if you are going to do it full time and need to live off it then an absolute minimum of R30 000 – R 50 000 There are 22 trading days a month.

That means that all you have to make is R1000 a day which equates to 100 points a day. Very easy to do!

Q:How did you get to your strategy (strategies) that you apply today?
As I was taught, through strategy development. I do have a dummy account for this purpose and try all new strats on it before going live.

Q:Did DJV Investment Group give you an initial strategy to use while you gained experience?
DJV did not give me strategies, they teach you how to develop your own.

Q:Is it possible to make 10-20% on your capital each month or is this a bit farfetched?
As I have said – not farfetched at all. In fact that is the bare minimum.

Take care now and good luck

Gerrit Snyman
Dear Jacky

I've been on the course since May 2012 and at this point I only demo trade. Dirk requested that we do not live trade as you don't want to perpetuate bad habits. I previously have done a course at another company and was also on their mentorship program. While I was on the mentorship, I did make money. But when the program terminated, I started to make wrong decisions resulting in losses. I'm not blaming their program, it's probably me, but result was that I was not successful.

My experience with DJV is good. The course material is well written and very clear. Dirk is an excellent presenter and very enthusiastic. What I do appreciate of him is that he can talk on my level and understand my questions. The difference with DJV is the personal involvement. It is not a Skype session, it is live training sessions and support sessions. What I also like is the ongoing involvement and support on a monthly basis after the course, because I previously got frustrated because I could not talk to someone. An example of their personal involvement is that I have not handed in my assignment on time and Dirk followed up to check whether there were any problems.

This has never happened on any other course I've done before.

At this point in time I feel good about the course and it is up to me to make it work this time.

Regarding your question about the returns, it depends on the size of your account and the amount of effort you put in. Money does not come easy. I do think it is feasible and there are people who make a living from trading. Dirk is an example of what can be achieved.

I hope that I have answered all your questions.


Gerrit Snyman
Josh Boshomane
Hi Dirk

I hope you had good trip back home yesterday. I must say it was great meeting you and I enjoyed your training session. Especially for someone like me who is new to the world of trading. So to get training by someone like you who is approachable and easy to relate to. Then it will be easy in future when one asks questions and clarity when studying to become a good Trader and in case I come across some of the things that I may not understand.

Josh Boshomane
I'm writing to thank you for the powerful insight you have given into trading forex and other market instruments. I have done several other courses by other organisations where I either attended day lectures or watched recordings on video. I also paid for mentorships at other organisations after which I still was not able to trade effectively. After joining yourself at DJV investment group attending the Trading course for Beginners where I was able to learn just enough every week to take home and make my own as well as the consistent follow up and support from staff and one to one attention I can now finally say that I have found strategies that make me money.

I would also like to thank our presenter Dirk for the detailed and practical weekly presentations and taking the time "and patients" to ensure that every one in the class is on the same page.

After all these years of trying different courses and avenues, DJV Investment Group has finally taught me how to develop my own strategies and implement them successfully. I honestly don't think I would need to do another course ever again.

Best regards.

Mandy Cornelson
I would highly recommend the Forex trading course through DJV Investment Group. The course material is easy to understand and the lectures are always well presented and enjoyable.

I must commend the staff and their excellent service level. Their support to queries during and after the course, has been professional and swift. The lecturers share their expertise and personal experiences and are extremely patient and have a wonderful positive attitude.

The company adds a personal touch which is encouraging as you learn and you know you are in good hands. I found the overall experience enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable.

Mandy Cornelson
Suzette Plantema
Hi Dirk, Hannes and David

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how interesting and challenging I am finding the trading environment! I have thoroughly enjoyed all Dirk's training sessions and must say he is a brilliant presenter. Enthusiastic, clear and competent. And always available to help!

I have made up my mind I want to become VERY good at this! I still have light years to go but already now after Dirk's guidance approximately half my dummy trades are winners! I still have to settle on a final strategy and do my backtesting but I know that I will get there as I feel I am in "safe hands".

Thank you all for your dedication and commitment to helping all of us become competent, independent and successful traders. It's a long path to success but I see the train wrecks all around me of all those who take short cuts driven by the thought of making "quick, quick megabucks" and I am determined not to add to the statistic! Slow and steady progress is the way. "Agteros kom ook in die kraal!"

Best wishes to all of you!
Suzette Plantema
I had gone to a good number of seminars before this one, and had the same issues with all of them:
  • It seemed a very complex skill to learn in 3 days (and trust me, a month into the DJV course and I was glad I hadn't taken a 3 day course, as it is not as simple as it seems in those hyped-up seminars)
  • Most companies charge excessive amounts for their course (e.g. R100000 for the one) and demand high investment capital (usually R25000 or more)
  • Most seminars paint a very pretty picture supported by alot of hype, but don't tell you about the realities of trading (you will sustain losses, but the skill is in recovering your losses with your wins, and not over-exposing yourself.)
  • Many courses out there only have references on their sites, but no-one in the industry recognises them.

What attracted me to the DJV (previously Investment Warehouse South Africa) is:

The course costs less than that of any of its competitors, but is one year long.

This fee includes a support service which entitles you to real, professional advice, whatever your query. That advice can come in the form of a one on one session, a phone-call and email or even live remote help on your pc whilst online.

DJV Investments made it abundantly clear that online is not a way to get rich quick (unlike all the other companies offering online trading courses) and does pose significant risk.

You are taught Technical Analysis (not someone's "amazing strategy") and Money Management.

This allows you to come up with your own strategy which suits you, as well as manage your own portfolio so that you achieve a positive expectancy. The owner of the company, Dirk Volschenk, is a professional trader himself and a Trustee of the Investment Warehouse (which is a well-recognised investment company world-wide) AND is the designer and presenter of the course - IN PERSON.

You receive personal coaching and assistance from Dirk in designing and implementing your own strategy so that you can become a successful online trader Minimum investment amount is 100 USD, as you are trading on your own terms with an OTC broker, not through a middle-man.

Like with everything in life, this course requires as much effort from you as you expect results from it. The more effort you put in, the better and quicker your results.

I have spent well over 400 hours just back-testing and forward-testing my strategy, excluding completing the course, but am now ready to go live with my first strategy, only 7 months after I started the course. In fact, I am so confident with what I have learnt on the DJV Investments trading course that I plan to give up my job and trade full-time in the next year.

Not bad for someone who didn't even know how markets worked 8 months ago.......

Thank you DJV Investments for changing my life and the way I see it!