DJV's Advanced Trading Mentorship is an educational product with the primary aim of developing you into a successful trader who will never again require trading advice or guidance!

We ensure that you...
  • become profitable and achieve your short, medium and long term financial goals
  • understand the markets and are able to control actions when trading
  • develop your own trading strategies to stay current with changes in the markets

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The course is structured as a combination of self-study and formal classroom lectures and consists of 16 training modules and four mentorship group sessions.
Title Modules
Market Basics 1 module
Advanced Technical Analysis 3 modules
Money and Risk Management 1 module
Intensive Platform Training 2 modules
Strategy Development 3 modules
Back-testing 2 modules
Trading Psychology 2 modules
Trading Robots 1 modules
Putting it all Together 1 modules

Course Details:
Unlimited individual mentorship and personal coaching
Trading is a very individual career. Different people have different aptitudes, thinking patterns and financial needs and so they approach trading in different ways and for different financial purposes. Some wish to make a living from it, while others merely wish to build up their retirement funds quicker.
Your success is our success!
We are serious about every client's individual success and we achieve this by allowing you to work at your own pace while placing focus on the more challenging sections of the work. Student are assigned a client progress manager and mentor to ensure that every student achieves their desired results.
Group mentorship
Four mandatory group mentorship sessions are scheduled once a month on a Saturday at the beginning of your trading education. The purpose of these sessions is to delve deeper into the modules under discussion and at the same time reinforce the theoretical work through practical implementation. Group assignments are given to stimulate interaction between students and act as a catalyst to learning from other traders' experiences.
Live trading sessions, webinars and other events
After four months of preparation students move on to a more advanced level and continue learning through webinars and live group trading sessions. This is the best way to respond to problem areas and fast-track the learning experience. Students find the live trading sessions a lot of fun!
Staying connected
Our online social media network includes forums, additional specialised training videos, news updates, strategies from different traders, competitions, event calendars, bonuses, financial planning tools and calculators and much more! Staying connected with other traders throughout your trading career is vital. The financial markets are in a continuous state of flux and new thinking patterns, indicators and tactics are continuously evolving. We make these accessible through our online social media network.
Probability testing and management, strategy building and tweaking
Different trading education companies take different approaches to learning how to trade.......Some companies believe trading systems can be replicated. We at DJV Investment Group however believe that every individual has unique trading needs, a unique emotional and behavioural response to trading the markets and unique financial requirements. One of the biggest reasons for failure in the market is the inability to execute a trading system CONSISTENTLY. For this reason, we endorse an approach of developing systems to suit individual needs as opposed to trading someone else's strategy.
Following a trader
Following a professional trader is an option. By following this approach, we still relinquish control entirely. Another challenge is to respond to tips in time. When trades are followed, immediate action is required when signals are published.
Individual probability testing
It is our firm belief that developing a system to suit your personality and scientifically and methodically back-testing the markets for a long enough period of time is the only way to guaranteed personal trading success. Success in the financial markets is dependent on finding systems that will allow you to achieve a better result than 5 out of 10 winning trades and also making sure that when you win, you gain more than what you lose when you are wrong.
Result management
A strong emphasis is placed on the development of a personal financial plan and at the same time developing the character traits and trading skills that are essential for success like acting consistently, executing your trading plan flawlessly and acting without emotion.

How Trading Works Book a free introduction workshop

Mastering this process is a slow but sure reconditioning of your mental framework. We take a concise systematic approach, awakening and reinforcing certain behaviour patterns over time.

Steps Process
Step 1 Thoroughly understanding the theoretical aspects of the market
Step 2 Becoming well acquainted with your trading platform
Step 3 Determining the exact results and goals you wish to achieve
Step 4 Finding the right instruments with the right volatility capable of delivering these results
Step 5 Developing trading systems that have proven historically to deliver the required results by manual back-testing
Step 6 Forward testing your system on a practice account
Step 7 Applying your system on a micro scale with real money
Step 8 Fully implementing your trading system and maintaining it despite drawdown and other demotivating conditions

Throughout this process, you will be mentored and monitored by your personal progress manager to ensure you are able to identify problems and remedy any issues immediately.