The ability to generate an income is the key factor to ensure our livelihood. Automation, political factors, shortages in jobs, unemployment and cash flow delays for start-up businesses are only some of the reasons that more and more valuable contributors to our society suffer from personal income constraints, build up backlog in payments that cause credit bureau listings and loss of assets, and suffer the psychological consequences.

DJV Investment Group Business Development Mentorship consists of 5 comprehensive modules and covers all the ingredients necessary to guide and mentor the entrepreneur to success with a proven recipe.

DJV's Entrepreneur Program:
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee
  • Reduces the risk of failure for start ups by more than 90%
  • Save more than R200 000 in start-up costs
  • Save up to 5 years in research
  • Grants access to proven systems used by most Fortune 500 companies
  • Will help existing small businesses double turnover in 3-6 months

Course Breakdown:
Module 1 - Transform Yourself into a Money Maker
Module 1 is designed to equip any individual (regardless of their personality attributes or weaknesses) to sell absolutely any product at a profit. Current financial status is also an eliminated obstacle due to the power to create income whenever required. This module provides the power of income by negotiating a product, and linking any supplier to its consumers. A strong detailed emphasis is placed on the personal values required as well as the necessary habits for success.
Module 2 - Creating and Conceptualizing an Independent Business
After mastering the ability to earn regardless of any circumstances, the next logical step is to create a structured business system that can function without the owner's presence and can therefore be sold to cash-in on the asset. This module covers all aspects of setting up a business from scratch.
  1. Spotting and analysing the gap in the market.
  2. Determining the market size.
  3. Analysing the industry and competition.
  4. Analysing positioning.
  5. Creatively conceptualizing and structuring products.
  6. Conceptualizing the business model as well as documenting it in a business plan.
  7. Comparing and choosing a suitable business entity.
  8. Financial set up and systems.
  9. Stationary.
  10. Capital raising.
  11. Administrative setup.
  12. Legalities (protecting yourself) and managing risk.
  13. Branding your business.
  14. Marketing.
  15. Sales.
  16. Human resources and key personnel development.
  17. Customer relationship management.
Module 3 - General Marketing and Applying the Multiplier Model to Radically Increase Income
A small business is currently running at a turnover of R100 000 pm. By increasing each one of the below incrementally by 20% it would immediately escalate by 200% to R300 000 pm.
  1. 25 Ways to generate leads effectively.
  2. 25 Conversion strategies.
  3. 25 Upwelling strategies.
  4. 25 Ways to increase your package value.
  5. 25 Ways to increase your margins.
Module 4 - Internet Business and Marketing
The web is the most significant component of commerce today.

In this module we cover:
  1. Setting up shop on the web.
  2. Using the web as an add-on business generator.
  3. Optimizing and closely monitoring traffic.
  4. Optimizing and closely monitoring conversions.
Module 5 – Exponentially Duplicate the Business System
  1. Franchising.
  2. Agents.
  3. Representatives.
  4. Internet marketing.
  5. Product expansion (vertical and horizontal).
  6. Branch expansion (vertical and horizontal).
Mentoring and Support
Understanding the theoretical principles behind business setup is the easy part. Implementation, oversight and management of all these business functions as a one-man entrepreneur is a draining job. As part of this programme and together with our guarantee of success all clients must join our compulsory support programme for a minimum of 12 months.

This includes:
  1. Weekly add on information via webinar to keep you updated with the latest trend in the market place.
  2. A variety of free and discounted software applications to perform the related business functions.
  3. Continually updated process flow suggestions.
  4. Researched models – tap into the concepts developed by top business people.
  5. Document and contract templates.
  6. Access to pre-negotiated business network suppliers for related services.