Investing in the property market is becoming more and more challenging for the individual investor. Yet property has over many decades, irrespective of market conditions, proven to be the one tool to take all successful investors the next level financially.

DJV Investment Group has a engineered a perfect mentorship programme to fast track your property portfolio.

Keys to success:
  • Know how to calculate your risk
  • Being able to secure finance
  • Select those properties that will by far outperform others
  • Spend the time to plan
  • Spend the time to execute
  • Invest in yourself first

Our guarantee:

To assist you in adding:      
  • One property to the value of R 1 000 000 to your portfolio per year

What you get:
  • Extensive personal mentorship in setting up your portfolio goals and strategy
  • Continued portfolio management support to ensure you achieve your subgoal
  • Extensive coaching on six buy and hold and speculation strategies
  • Three guaranteed formulas to secure finance
  • Unlimited risk management and planning support
  • Continued tenant management and administration advise and support

Course format:
  • Comprehensive live start up training
  • Monthly live group mentorship workshops
  • Unlimited one on one support by professionals
  • Social media and news platform
  • Network with other investors and industry professionals
  • Information service

Social Network:
  • Goal, cash-flow and risk planning formulas, management tools and systems
  • Bargain properties including bank repo's, listing from investors and estate agents
  • Templates and forums
  • News and articles
  • Connect with our network of investors
  • Proffered suppliers including bond generators, attorneys, estate agents, tax advisors